Ratings Explained

Modified on Sun, 12 Mar 2023 at 07:00 PM

Our system utilizes a scoring mechanism ranging from 0% to 100% to evaluate the probability of an account being involved in targeted harassment, toxic trolling, or utilizing deceptive tactics that are specifically designed to trigger division and chaos. To arrive at this score, we conduct an analysis of several hundred spouts from the account, wherein we evaluate each spout for consistency with behaviors displayed by problematic accounts. The higher an account scores in such behavior, the higher its corresponding Bot Sentinel score.

Normal: 0% - 24%
Satisfactory: 25% - 49%
Disruptive: 50% - 74%
Problematic: 75% - 100%

Normal: Accounts that are classified as normal engage in ordinary spout activity. The vast majority of normal accounts don’t engage in targeted harassment, toxic trolling, or use deceptive tactics engineered to cause division or chaos. Most normal accounts are safe to interact with.

Satisfactory: Accounts that are classified as satisfactory engage in somewhat typical spout activity. Satisfactory accounts regularly participate in online discourse and often spout outside of the norm. Although the spout activity of satisfactory accounts is slightly above normal, we still consider satisfactory accounts to be relatively safe to interact with.

Disruptive: Accounts that are classified as disruptive, often engage in malicious spout activity. Some disruptive accounts harass other accounts and use offensive language. Disruptive accounts periodically share misinformation and can frequently spam hashtags. Inauthentic accounts and toxic trolls regularly receive a disruptive rating, so we recommend you exhibit caution when interacting with disruptive accounts.

Problematic: Accounts that are classified as problematic, often engage in dangerous spout activity that can be harmful to others. Problematic accounts can frequently target other accounts and often use malicious tactics to harass their targets. Some problematic accounts amplify disinformation and regularly violate Spoutible's rules. The vast majority of inauthentic accounts and toxic trolls receive a problematic rating, and we strongly recommend you avoid interacting with problematic accounts.

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