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Welcome to Spoutible, a social media platform that is committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable online space for all. We believe that social media platforms do not have to be sterile or dull to keep their users safe. Instead, we have set out to create a platform that allows users to "spout off" while mitigating targeted harassment, hate speech, disinformation, and platform manipulation.

Our mission is to change how social media platforms have operated for over 20 years by fostering diversity, inclusion, and accountability. Women, people of color, disabled people, and the LGBTQ+ community play significant roles in shaping the direction of Spoutible. We believe that diversity is key to building a platform that serves all of our users, regardless of their background or identity.

We recognize that women are underrepresented in technology jobs, with only 26.7% of the workforce being female, despite comprising 50.52% of the US population. To combat this issue, we have set a goal of having at least 40% of our team made up of women. We believe that having a diverse team will help us to build a more inclusive platform that better serves our users.

We take our users' privacy seriously, and we will never sell their personal data. We believe that selling users' personal data should be prohibited by law, and we will have a legally binding agreement with our users stipulating that we will never sell their personal data.

At Spoutible, we have a zero-tolerance policy for targeted harassment, hate speech, disinformation, and platform manipulation. We prohibit single-purpose hate accounts, and accounts spreading disinformation on our platform. We believe that the days of being swarmed by toxic trolls and flooded with falsehoods are over.

We have developed better tools to protect our users, which are available for free. Our rules are clear, and they are strictly enforced. We do not tolerate attacking people based on their skin color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any other characteristic. When we permanently suspend a person on Spoutible, they are not allowed to return to continue causing havoc. Permanently suspended means permanently suspended.

Join us in our journey to build a more inclusive and enjoyable space without compromising the best parts of what we love about social media platforms. Together, we can create a better online community for all.

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