Community Rules & Policies

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Spoutible's goal is to allow users to “spout off” in a safe, civil, and fun environment. Our rules and policies are designed to protect the community from harassment, threats, disinformation and platform manipulation. Different perspectives and ideas are welcome on Spoutible, but harassment, threats, and intimidation are not.   


If you come across a user, post, or other action that appears to break these policies, please report it to us.  Enforcement steps include issuing warnings, removing content, suspending accounts temporarily, and banning accounts permanently. More information on our Enforcement Policies can be found here 



Harassment & Bullying 

You may not harass or bully users on Spoutible. Harassment and bullying refer to any behavior that is intended to threaten, intimidate, or harm another person, or that creates a hostile or offensive environment. Harassment includes doxing (publishing other people’s private information), making continuous negative comments, and threatening, intimidating or abusive behavior. Learn More 

Hate Speech 

You may not direct attacks against people based on their race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender, and gender identity.Learn More 


Promotion of Suicide or Self Harm 

You may not post content that encourages or promotes suicide or self-harm. Learn More 



You may not threaten or promote violence against an individual or a group of people. Learn More 



You may not promote, encourage or incite acts of terrorism or post content that supports or celebrates terrorist organizations. Learn More 

Inappropriate/Illegal Content  


Adult Nudity & Sexual Content  

You may not post any media that is pornographic or intended to cause sexual arousal including, full or partial nudity, and simulated sexual acts. Exceptions may be made for breastfeeding, medical, health, educational or artistic content. Learn More 

Child Sexual Exploitation  

You may not sexualize children in any way including sharing any form of images, videos, text, or links that promote child sexual exploitation, sending sexually explicit media, or trying to engage a child in a sexually explicit conversation. Learn More 


Violent, Gory, or Graphic Content 

You may not post media that depicts excessively graphic or gruesome content related to death, violence, or severe physical harm, or violent content that is shared for sadistic purposes, severely injured or mutilated animals. Exceptions may be made for documentary, educational, food processing and hunting. Learn More 



You may not impersonate individuals, groups, or organizations with the intent or effect of misleading, confusing, or deceiving others. Learn More  



You may not use deceptive means to generate revenue or traffic, including fraudulent schemes, such as fake lotteries, phishing links, or spamming users. Learn More 


Illegal Activities 

You may not discuss or engage in illegal activities, such as sex trafficking, other forms of human trafficking, selling, buying, or facilitating transactions in illegal goods or services. 


Intellectual Property 

You may not post content or profile pictures that violate intellectual property rights, including trademarks. Learn More   




Fake Engagement 

You may not use 3rd party apps or services to artificially increase the number of views, likes, comments, or other metrics. 



You may not share false information that could lead to the destruction of property, injury of others, impact civic processes, or endanger public health. This includes posting or sharing synthetic or manipulated media that is likely to cause harm. Learn More 



You may not make false statements about another that unjustly harms their reputation. Learn More 


Bots or Automation  

You may not use bots or automation to systematically, or programmatically, manipulate or over-utilize the service.  Learn More 


Unsolicited Advertisements & Unauthorized Contests 

You may not post unsolicited, unrelated advertisements, unauthorized contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways. Learn More 



Direct Messages 

All community guidelines also apply to direct messages. Direct Messages sent in Spoutible are encrypted so we are not able to monitor the contents unless a recipient reports the message to us. If you report a direct message, we will then be able to read the direct message and carry out enforcement if necessary.  



How to Report Violations  

To Report a Spout or Comment: 

  1. Go to the problematic Spout or Comment 


  1. Select the More Options icon on the top right of the message or comment 

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  1. In the dropdown list of menu options, choose Report Spout 

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  1. Select the appropriate problem category and provide us with any information you believe relevant.  

  1. Click the SEND REPORT button to send the report to our Safety team.  


Spoutible Enforcement Policies  

Our goal at Spoutible is to minimize targeted harassment, abuse, and disinformation. When we find a violation of the Spoutible Rules, there are several actions we can take:  

  • Removing a Spout violating Spoutible's policies.  When this is done, the account owner will be notified and informed of the violation. If they believe we made an error, they can dispute our action. 

  • Notification about Direct Message violating Spoutible's policies.  Direct Messages sent in Spoutible are encrypted so we are not able to monitor the contents unless a recipient reports the message to us. Harassing or threatening messages sent via Direct Message can lead to account suspension (temporary or permanent).   


  • Account Suspension (temporary or permanent). Accounts that repeatedly violate Spoutible or have egregious violations can be temporarily or permanently suspended. If an account is permanently suspended, the account owner will not be permitted to create new accounts on Spoutible. An account suspension can be appealed if you believe that we made an error.  

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